Azure Dynasty


Six decadent hours of soothing relaxation. The Azure Dynasty features many of the amenities in our Monarch Adventure, while also incorporating an Aromatherapy Salt Glow and massaging Swiss Shower.


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As clear and beautiful as a cloudless twilit sky, the Azure Butterfly enjoys an entourage of faithful ant attendants. Just so, as the ruler of your own Azure Dynasty, we will wait upon you hand and foot … but that’s just the beginning!

Welcome to an epic six hours of soothing relaxation. The Azure Dynasty features many of the same amenities as our Monarch Adventure, while also incorporating an Aromatherapy Salt Glow and massaging Swiss Shower. We recommend you skip shaving or waxing for a full 24 hours before this service to avoid sensitive or irritated skin, which could compromise your comfort during the salt glow.

Amenities Include:

Light Spa Cuisine
Please let us know ahead of time if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Wine Service
Nothing relaxes the soul like sipping wine, except for sipping wine as you’re being skillfully pampered in a beautiful spa environment!

Swedish Massage – Regularly $75
This classic massage incorporates long fluid strokes of light to moderate depth and pressure to enhance muscle’s tone and function. Massage improves circulation and assists in increasing your body’s natural immune response. If you have never experienced a Swedish massage, you’re in for a real treat! It calms the senses and provides a sense of well-being. Pure relaxation.

European Facial – Regularly $75
The European Glo Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask options and extractions. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

Aromatherapy Salt Glow – Regularly $75
An invigorating full body massage scrub consists of sea salts and your choice of essential oils. This treatment leaves your entire body polished smooth, soft and glowing! We recommend you skip shaving or waxing for a full 24 hours before this service. No worries, it’s just us girls!

Swiss Shower – Not Available On Our Main Menu!
Encompassed by warm jets of water, your body will feel cleansed, invigorated, soothed, and massaged in our steaming shower.

Spa Pedicure – Regularly $40
Pamper your feet with exfoliating sea salts, a refreshing cool mask, paraffin wax, and hot soothing towels, finish with your favorite polish color selection. Your feet will feel like new once again.

Spa Manicure – Regularly $30
Let us take care of your hands by soaking them in a relaxing warm concoction. Then we exfoliate with natural sea salts, a cool mask, paraffin wax and top it off with hot towels, then the polish of your choice is applied.

Visage Scalp Reconditioning Treatment – Regularly $35
Invigorate the skin and relax the muscles of your scalp with a pampering that feels divine!

Shampoo & Style – Regularly $24
Before your set off on your next adventure, let us make you look like royalty with a luxurious shampoo and hair styling.


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