10 Foods That Boost Beauty for Hair, Skin, Nails, & More!

These beauty boosting super foods will help you look and feel gorgeous, healthy, and nourished.

  1. Chicken. It helps you produce hair-boosting keratin.
  2. Salmon. Its omega-3 acids maintain oils that keep your scalp and hair healthier.
  3. Strawberries. They’re packed with vitamin C, which has anti-wrinkle power.
  4. Tomatoes. Their lycopene helps protect skin from the sun; lutein helps hydrate.
  5. Oysters. The zinc in them boosts hair growth and may prevent breakouts.
  6. Water. The best hydrator for your whole system.
  7. Low Fat Yogurt. Its calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth.
  8. Dark Chololate. Its flavonoids fight skin-damaging free radical.
  9. Green Tea. Its antioxidants reduce of the effects of environmental reduce the effects of environmental skin damage.
  10. Horsetail Grass Tea. It contains nail-strengthening silica.

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