DIY Hair Care Tips

Get Sleek Shiny Hair – Even In Houston!

Unless you are blessed with straight, frizz-less hair, here are some pro tips that will make your hair shiny, sleek, and beautiful:

First: Protect Your Hair

“Use heat-protectant, Pureology Instant Repair Leave-in Conditioner before you do any heat styling,” says Visage Style Director, Lee Pham

Second: Go Piece by Piece

Once your hair is dry, flat-iron small sections. Pin up the top layer temporarily to do the bottom.

Third: Don’t Go Overboard

“Leave a little body,” says Lee. “Poker-straight hair isn’t always flattering.”

Lastly: To Keep the Look Going

Tuck a small boar-bristle brush in your purse ups for touch ups as needed.

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