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Style Director, Creator, Owner


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Style Director, Creator, Owner


Lee Pham is the Style Director and creator of Visage Salon & Day Spa, which has blossomed and grown so successfully as a result of his artistic influence. A capable businessman and passionate beauty expert, Lee’s talent and charisma shine through the skilled team he has built and the beautiful spa environment he’s designed. When it comes to client satisfaction, Lee is very attentive.

“All of our services are considered unique in every way because they are custom-tailored to each individual’s needs,” Pham said. “The bottom line is this: each client is a special guest who has different characteristics and traits. Therefore, we must cater to that specific client as an individual.” - Lee Pham, Cypress Creek Mirror

His inspirational success story started back in the early 80’s, during which Lee was inspired by the beauty and art of hair. Throughout his teenage years, he consistently juggled academics and his artistic flair of beauty. Lee constantly unleashed his talent by painting hairstyles and makeup on multiple canvasses. Finally, he decided his new art medium was the human body. As he stepped into cosmetology school with his practice mannequin, he was teased and taunted by his peers to not pursue his dreams of becoming a hairstylist. Nevertheless, Lee didn’t allow any obstacles to get in his way, and continued to pursue his life long goal of becoming a hairdresser. Finally, his dream became a reality.

To this day, Lee continues to push the envelope. He has been committed to becoming a sought after stylist and business owner. His ultimate goal is to put his mind, body, and soul into meeting all of his clients’ needs. He hopes to provide the most advanced techniques to make his clients feel good both physically and emotionally. Not only is their first visit important, but maintaining a positive ongoing relationship is also a top priority. By believing strongly in that philosophy, Lee has become the successful stylist and business owner that he is today. With a reputation for being highly particular and detail oriented, Lee does not settle for second best. That’s what all clients hope to find in their stylist.

Lee’s employees and clients are the bread and butter of his destiny. He is also dedicated and passionate about assimilating all the latest and best beauty trends worldwide. Lee travels all over the nation in cities such as Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Orlando researching trends, techniques, and the latest products. He then then passes his acquired knowledge down to his stylists. He stresses that consistent education is the key to staying on top of the competition. To ensure the quality of work and customer service provided by his staff, he extensively and consistently trains them to the best of his ability.

After receiving numerous awards, and becoming one of the most requested stylists for over a decade, Lee still strives to satisfy every client during every visit. To maintain a long-term client relationship, he constantly keeps the service menu and the environment modern and relaxing. He is constantly upgrading and redesigning his salon and spa to reflect changes in fashion while maintaining the hallmark clean calm it’s known for.

In addition to his determined work ethic, Lee occupies his rare free time with interests such as sports cars, remote control airplanes, helicopters, hair magazines, business books, traveling, and movies. Nevertheless, interacting with his clients remains one of his top interests. His unique sense of humor is often noted in reviews as being the reason why clients keep coming come back. You see, each client gets a dose of “B. S.” Don’t be fooled though, “B. S.” stands for “Beauty Secrets,” “Beautiful Style,” and “Beauty Satisfaction,” at Lee’s “Beauty Salon.” Do you trust him? Stop by or make an appointment with him to find out for yourself!

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